Sunday, December 22, 2013

Disguised Boyfriend.

Jumping in my fab pajamas. I was very excited for the clock to strike 12.Anticipating Taksh would be the 1st one to call as he's always been the 1st one to wish on our anniversaries. It was 12.05 My bestie called and not to be busy,I ended up quick. One hour of blankly staring at phone and still no call. I started reading & fell asleep in no time.

6'o clock- Dragging myself to fetch milk. I saw our milkman wearing some weird hat instead of his normal cap smiling at me, and unusually carrying some other stuff! Weird.Half asleep I gave him an incomplete smile and shut the door and turned off all buttons as he rang the bell again.

7.30! Got ready and was shocked to see 65 misscalls from Taksh. I hurried and called him back."OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" He yelled. Feeling completely clueless. I opened and there he was sitting with a party hat, half melted cake and my gift. He came in bought a bottle of milk (replaced), and asked Do I really look that bad-like your milk man?

I sat besides him,cuddled him and led my fingers get lost in his beard. Wondering is it the same handsome Taksh, I used to date who has turned in such an ape.But the epic romantic gesture! He had took the flight for me. Just Me. I pointed him towards the bathroom. He gave me a look, smiled and said- Brb. Pecked me on cheek and went. I prepared his fav.breakfast.The door knob clicks. I get a hug from back. Our chins rub.I smiled thinking how his clean shaven look has bowled me over again and hugged back "Ah! My old taksh" I whispered.

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