Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Close The Tabs And Focus!

I really don't believe in the concept of Multitasking. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying it eventually consumes more time and helps less to easily complete tasks. That maybe because the time to adjust from one task to another and then back to the previous one is something which isunnoticed yet is of a considerable amount.

I specially realized this when I was asked to shift from PC to Laptop at my workplace. The laptop which was handed over to me had just 2GB of RAM! Let me tell you, if you give me a article to read now, there are high chances that I will pin it and read it later. So, at any given point of time my chrome had at least 5 pinned tabs excluding the regular ones like GMail, Facebook, Tweetdeck, etc. I did not realize these pinned tabs could be such a big concern on the laptop!

My laptop used to freeze when tried opening a new tab because of them. I thought I should close all the unused tabs, tabs which I am not working on and only keep the required tabs. Although, the laptop was slowly now adapting to my pace from its turtle like speed. It made me realize of this learning:

We have a lot of tabs in our mind, too! It is best to concentrate on one work i.e ignore all the other tabs and complete that one work. Do not move away from the task (here: tab) until and unless its really something important. Well, it sounds so easy but in reality it's the exact opposite because the mind keeps you reminding about the other tabs i.e unfinished tasks and seek attention. Someone said it correct, humans have monkey minds! We just jump from one thing to another to another.

One way to tame your monkey mind would be writing down the tasks which you are supposed to do. Writing really helps! I wouldn't say a 'To-Do' list but a 'Should-Do' list inspired from the book, One Thing! ;) Just the change in the title makes me more accountable I feel :)

And secondly, I also like to time myself for a task. Nothing stringent, but completing a task in an allotted time gives a happy feeling and you know what's keeping you busy the most, too.

Too much gyaan? If a watermelon can teach me life's philosophy then why not a laptop? :P Well, a laptop which acts like its about to die every few minutes and freezes can sometimes really give you time to ponder on life and your work. Anyways, like there are happy endings, I too have one - My laptop's RAM got upgraded and now I can go back to opening multiple tabs. Haha. Just Kidding. Close the tabs and Focus!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inexpressible Birthday Louuu!

I recently came across a picture on my Facebook timeline, which said, if you love a particular book - Commit one sentence of it to a memory. That way, one won't forget the language of the story. I celebrated my 22nd birthday on 15th Jan, and had completed Siddhartha by Herman Hesse just a day before it. I came across many, many astonishing quotes in it which I found were so relevant even in today's world.

So, as per the picture - I would like to attach only one sentence of it to my ever lasting memory gifted to me by friends on my birthday. This isn't a glorious one but it stayed with me and I could so strongly relate to it.

These words were spoken by Siddhartha to his friend Govinda, "Words do not express thoughts very well. They become a little distorted, a little foolish." This is the exact line which struck me when it came to thanking my friends, when I was showered by wishes & gifts! I felt like birthdays are a small reminder to see how many awesome people you've earned in your life. :)
Here's a collage of all the awesome people of my life:

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Child.

Today, I'm writing something which is a little different from the genre of my blog. I write this more in terms of Social Awareness. Trying to make people aware of eating healthy and being concerned about what you eat. 

Recently, when I was returning from office. I saw school kids loitering around, eating unhealthy samosas and other snacks from the street vendors. I noticed and went to the juice seller who was besides them. After gorging the snacks, they stood besides me and ordered for Sodas. When I sipped my carrot-beet juice, I enjoyed these guys doing some serious discussion on what soda flavour to order. Did you guys know they also have a beer flavor in it! I couldn't help overhearing, but when one of their friend wanted a apple milkshake, he was made fun of as he is a kid who still drinks milk. This whole scenario disturbed me, worried me about the future of these kids. 

I wondered if these kids are misguided on healthy foods? Or is it the way the society portrays this junk food makes them want to deny Indian healthy food. Let's say, McDonald would be something they would prefer rather than eating a dosa or uthapa. That's because of the added MSG and the sugar in the Coke gave them a rush which a Dosa or Uthapa would fail to do. Mom's ranting about their kids not completing their Tiffin is almost an age old problem now. Is there no solution to this. Perhaps there is, Why cannot mom's make frankies with healthy stuffings? Use oats in burger patties? Or like they always do make your dish visually appealing and you are sorted!
We can perhaps even ask this question to the vendors! But they might purse their lips as using good quality would make them to cutback their profits which they do not want to. So even though they know it's unhealthy, they will sell you. Because you are the reason they are earning. A quick example of this would be to inquire in every restaurant, street side stall or any chat vendor - What oil they use? Most of them will use refined oil instead of filtered oil. Refined oil is cheaper but bad for your health. But the point the vendor is concerned about is 'Money' and refined oil being cheaper he will use that.

I have two cute nieces and recently when I visited their place, my younger nice wasn't feeling well. Doctors said, She had stomach infection. It felt as if the whole house had fallen ill. My granny suggested having nice warm water with garlic crushed in it and other herbal ingredients. I wondered, if only she had been cautious while she was eating the junk. That's when I thought how kids actually add life to our house and the lives of almost everyone. Imagine a school which has pin drop silence, which our teachers ask. It would be a nightmare! That's when I've realized it's important for these kids to stay healthy. It's important we as adults make the necessary changes in their diet!

Although, I wrote this post for "A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home" prompt for the contest by Dabur Chyawanprash in association with IndiBlogger. I strongly believe that it is necessary for children and parents to make better eating decisions, Choose what's healthy and perhaps, do a little research on the actual ingredients. I would end on a statement which I came across few days back.
"Do not eat what your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food"

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Symbol of Love.

Has it ever struck to you - the friend with whom you were holding hands while wandering, or the couple who was sitting together in a garden corner, kissing and cuddling without a care in the world, or the people whom we just ignore while crossing roads.
Have you noticed them deeply enough? Enough to look into their eyes, to notice them, and think that, "Here is a beautiful soul." And to this, you need not think about the deeds or actions the person did in the past or the expectations you hold for the future. Just, look into their eyes and see, because they, My friend are a symbol of commitment,understanding, just like you are - a symbol of your parents love. A symbol of the union of two souls.
Notice this, and remember, each one of us is a symbol of Love. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The festival of 'IPL'

We all know about Hindu festivals, but there is a similar festival which is celebrated at the same time all around India, every year,religiously. A festival for people who belong to one such special religion. A religion named 'Cricket' and the festival named 'IPL' on the venue of Star Sports Cricket.
Family meetings, Friends gathering,restaurant/motel bookings are done well in advance to avoid the last minute rush of Interesting matches like Mumbai Indians Vs. Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Superkings Vs. Rajasthan Royals. THE ULTIMATE BATTLE.
I make sure my leave gets approved for the particular days because I have got enough reasons to dislike my job :P
Also,another point to be noted- Make sure you pay your D2H bill, the last thing on earth you want to happen is miss the last deciding ball of a match. I mean, Imagine 4 needed out of last ball. Bowler bowls a fast ball and the ball is been hit and its up in the air.. *Your account has insufficient balance* What a disaster right? So check that off too!
But according to my observation, Unlike other festivals, it contains no hustle bustle- The only chit chatting one can do is between the 10- 15 seconds of break,otherwise he will be in the bad books of all the family. (Only shouting when a 4 & 6 has been hit is allowed,though). One should not speak after the wicket and mourn in silence only. So many rules right?
What about the food? Its there! Sweets are made but enjoyed only if we win along with the crackers ;) but just in any festival,One should avoid doing some acts, Similarily the only act one should avoid doing here - NOT TO INTERRUPT!
Nothing is worse than missing that shot which was been hit in your pee break OR the wicket you missed when you went to bring water! No replays will ever replace the value of being the 1st one to know although by 30 seconds but still!
This is what I like about IPL. It is just like any other festival. We wait for it to come and then it comes and goes away quickly just as quickly as you read my Blog post. ;)

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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Here goes one more 55Word Story. The theme was Quintessence.

He started his day gambling and ended it with a hoe,
Seven seas away, his family was a boat without oars
Sometimes after months, otherwise after years, rarely did they meet
His pups considered him a quintessential monarch,
While he slogged and slaved to clear the cloud of bankruptcy

Friday, January 3, 2014


I've wrote this for 55WordStorytheme by Vivek Tejuja . The theme for today was 'Prelude'

The glass broke.
My neighbouring aunty sang from the core.
Singing only occassionally,Yelling as chore.
Too scared to ask her to stop her newly found hobby,
Not Too brave to answer about the glasses to my landlord lady.
I mustered up courage and told her I need Solitude
She said,"Honey, This is just a Prelude"